The Lowest Trees Have Tops
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Cantata -- The Lowest Trees Have Tops (LP-1015):  Cantata for soprano, flute, viola & harp, played by the Jubal Trio and John Graham.



bulletLucy Shelton, soprano
bulletSue Ann Kahn, flute
bulletSusan Jolles, harp
bulletguest artist:  John Graham, viola

Track Listing

The Lowest Trees Have Tops (Schickele)

[1]  Morning Song (flute alone)

[2]  The Lowest Trees Have Tops (Sir Edward Dyer)

[3]  Hot Sun, Cool Fire (George Peele)

[4]  My True-love Hath My Heart (Sir Philip Sydney)

[5]  Noon Song (harp alone)

[6]  To Meadows (Robert Herrick)

[7]  The Mad Maidís Song (Robert Herrick)

[8]  Evening Song (Viola alone)

[9]  To Death (Robert Herrick)

Haiku Setting (Mamlok)

[10]  I  So cold are the waves (Basho)

[11]  II  When a nightingale sang out (Jurin)

[12]  III  A leaf is falling (Ransetsu)

[13]  IV  A tree frog softly begins to trill

[14]  V  How cool the green hay smells

[15]  Wordsworth Songs (Jolles)

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