Oboe Concerto
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Oboe Concerto (CD-30366):  Pamela Pecha, oboe, with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Freeman conducting (with Vaughan Williams and Richard Strauss oboe concertos).  



bulletPamela Pecha, oboe
bulletThe Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Paul Freeman

Track Listing

Oboe Concerto in D Major, AV 144 (Richard Strauss)

[1]  Allegro moderato

[2]  Andante

[3]  Vivace

Concerto For Oboe And Strings in A Minor (Ralph Vaughan Williams)

[4]  Rondo Pastorale

[5]  Minuet and Musette

[6]  Finale (Scherzo)

Concerto For Oboe and Orchestra (Peter Schickele)

[7]  I  Aria attacca  II  Scherzo

[8]  III  Chant

[9]  IV  Dances attacca  V  Epilogue


Copies of the CD are very hard to find, but it is possible to hear Pamela Pecha playing this piece on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC5zfgcvg7M

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