American Children
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American Children (CD-1002, CS-1002):  Songs for children, including Tyrannosaurus Rex by Peter Schickele and other songs by Happy Traum, Maria Muldaur, Rory Block, Richie Havens, Dave Van Ronk, Taj Mahal, Fred Koller, and Rick Danko.  



   Tyrannosaurus Rex:

bulletPeter Schickele, lead vocals, piano, gruntbag of tricks, accompanying vocals
bulletHoward Johnson, tubas
bulletMark Black, Dinosaur impersonator, accompanying vocals

   Other songs:

bulletRichie Havens, lead vocals, guitar
bulletRory Block, lead vocals, guitar, accompanying vocals
bulletHappy Traum, lead vocals, guitar, banjo, accompanying vocals
bulletMaria Muldaur, lead vocals, accompanying vocals
bulletDave Van Ronk, lead vocals, guitar
bulletTaj Mahal, lead vocals, guitar, bass
bulletRick Danko, lead vocals, upright bass
bulletFred Koller, lead vocals, bottleneck and rhythm guitar
bulletMarc Black, bass, piano, accompanying vocals
bulletPeter Schickele, accompanying vocals
bulletWarren Bernhardt, papercup bass, gruntbag of tricks
bulletOWS Gospel Choir
bulletHoward Johnson, penny whistle
bulletJohn Sebastian, "Daydream" guitar, whistle
bulletDan Uttendorfer, guitar
bulletAmy Fradon, accompanying vocals
bulletLeslie Ritter, accompanying vocals
bulletEd Summerlin, clarinet
bulletGalen Blum, brat
bulletRolly Sally, bass
bulletJamie Black, vocals

Track Listing

[1]  American Children, Richie Havens (Marc Black & Ed Bialek)

[2]  Papaya People, Rory Block (Rory Block)

[3]  I'm Proud To Be A Moose, Dave Van Ronk (Willie Nininger)

[4]  Jambonee, Happy Traum (Puppy Gould)

[5]  Daydream, Maria Muldaur (John Sebastian)

[6]  Tyrannosaurus Rex, Peter Schickele (Peter Schickele)

[7]  Deva Devalita, Taj Mahal (Taj Mahal)

[8]  Blue Tail Fly, Rick Danko (Traditional)

[9]  Lucky Olí King, Rory Block (Rory Block)

[10]  Youíve Got To Relax, Fred Koller (Fred Koller, Marc Black & Galen Blum)

[11]  Iíll Be Your Baby Tonight, Maria Muldaur (Bob Dylan)

[12]  Kumbaya / American Children ó Reprise

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