Black Forest Bluegrass
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P.D.Q. Bach:  Black Forest Bluegrass (Vanguard CD-79427, CS-79427, LP-79427):  A bluegrass band with a Baroque orchestra, a wind octet with toys, a commercial with a snake—this album has it all!  



bullet Professor Peter Schickele, bass, conductor, snake (that’s an instrument)
bulletThe New York Pick-Up Ensemble, Robert Bernhardt, conductor
bullet John Ferrante, tenor
bulletEric Weisberg, mandolin and harmonica
bulletBill Keith, banjo and harmonica
bulletHappy Traum, guitar and harmonica
bulletDonald “Don” Palma, bass and harmonica

Track Listings

Cantata:  Blaues Gras (Bluegrass Cantata), S. 6 string (P.D.Q. Bach)
[1]   Recitative and Aria:  “Blaues Gras”
[2]   Recitative:  “O”
Aria:  “Du Bist Im Land”
[3]   Recitative:  “O”
Duet:  “Ich Sehe”
[4]   Chorale:  “Ich Gehe”
Duet:  “Sag’ Mir”
No-no Nonette for assorted winds and toys, S. 86 (P.D.Q. Bach)
[5]   First Movement 
[6]   Second Movement
[7]   Third Movement
[8]   Fourth Movement
[9]   Last Movement
[10]  “Hear Me Through” from Diverse Ayres on Sundrie Notions,  S. 99 44/100 (P.D.Q. Bach)



Audio Samples

Listen to P.D.Q. Bach:  Black Forest Bluegrass:  The Hearer’s Digest Condensed Version.  This Condensed Version gives you the intangible essence of the original recording in one small, easy-to-swallow capsule summary. The hyper folks at Hearer’s Digest have created this sample by slicing, dicing, and splicing, until it somewhat resembles excerpts of the original recording that are “severely truncated, but shorter.”

P.D.Q. Bach:  Black Forest Bluegrass:  The Hearer’s Digest Condensed Version

This Hearer’s Digest Condensed Version is made of excerpts from the following:  “Hear Me Through” from Diverse Ayres on Sundrie Notions—“Blaues Gras”, “Du Bist Im Land”, “Ich Sehe”, and “Sag’ Mir” from Cantata:  Blaues Gras (Bluegrass Cantata)—Fourth Movement, First Movement, Third Movement, Second Movement, and Last Movement from No-no Nonette.

Audio Samples can be played using the free RealAudio player. 



English Translation

The cantata Blaues Gras is performed in the original German on this recording.  As a service to those people who do not know P.D.Q. Bach’s native tongue as well as they know English, a translation of the text is provided right here on this web site.  If you own the recording, you can gain greater understanding by reading the translation while listening to the music.  If you don’t own the recording, you can read the translation and try to imagine what it would sound like being sung in German along with a Baroque orchestra and bluegrass band.


Cover image, audio clips and track listings are copyright © 1979 Vanguard Records and are used with the permission of Vanguard Records.  Any other copying by other parties for other uses is not authorized.

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