Happy Birthday, Bach
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Happy Birthday, Bach:  300 Years of Johann Sebastian Bach  (Doubleday & Company, New York):  Seymour Chwast is one of New Yorkís best artists, commercial and otherwise, and the chances are that most of you have seen his work whether you know it or not, since his output includes many magazine covers and posters.  Happy Birthday, Bach is a Dolphin Book, published by Doubleday & Company in 1985, the 300th anniversary of J.S. Bachís birth.  It consists of three hundred portraits of the old man by the extremely inventive Mr. Chwast:  thereís a Bach alphabet, thereís Bach touring the world, thereís Bach having a drink with Karl Marx and swimming with Mao, thereís Bach break dancing...  Itís three hundred years of Johann Sebastian Bach, and itís delightful.  My own humble contributions consist of a sparkling introduction and dozens of captions, intended to be as witty as possible. 

 ódescription by Peter Schickele reprinted and updated from The Peter Schickele Rag, #13.



bulletIllustrated by Seymour Chwast
bulletOverture by Peter Schickele


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