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Just click on a square and type in the solution.  Click again to switch between down and across.  Or print out the printable version of this puzzle.


You need Java enabled to view the crossword applet. See information below.
March, 2006

Peter hopes to be able to provide a new puzzle in this spot every few months.  To find out about new puzzles as soon as they are available, sign up for our mailing list.  To try previous puzzles, see the crossword puzzle archive.

This crossword puzzle is posted courtesy of The Woodstock Times.

Note:  If the crossword puzzle does not appear in the window above above, the most likely cause is that your browser doesnít have Java installed.  Java is normally automatically included in all browsers, but there are a few browsers where it has to be added separately.  If you don't have a Java-enabled browser, you might be able to download one from www.java.sun.com or, for Macintosh users, http://www.info.apple.com/support/downloads.html.  Until then, please try the printable version of the crossword puzzle.  If you are sure that your browser supports Java but you are still having problems, please e-mail us for help.

Crossword puzzle created using Crossword Compiler.  This puzzle is copyright © 1988 Peter Schickele.  It was completed on September 10, 1988.

Donít Look!  Donít Look!

Itís the Solution.

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