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Program Number 1:  “Up and About/Steady/Octave”
ARLEN/YARBERG:  Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead, The Fifth Estate, Virgo VO 6004 (45 rpm)
PRAETORIUS:  From Six Dances, La Bouree, Collegium Terpsichore, Archiv 198166

Program Number 2:  “Harmonic Rhythm”
WILLS/STRAUSS:  “San Antonio Rose” & “Also Sprach Zarathustra”, Snuff Garrett's Texas Opera Company, Ranwood R 8173

Program Number 3:  “Trance/One Chord”
DYLAN:  “Mr. Tambourine Man”, William Shatner, Rhino R2 70187
It’s All Right, Ray Charles, Atlantic 8025

Program Number 4:  “Surprise”

Program Number 5:  “French Horn/When to Stand, When to Move”

Program Number 6:  “Religious Music”

Program Number 7:  “1 Line, 2 Line, 3 Line”
MOZART:  Symphony No. 40, The Swingle Singers, Virgin Classics VC 7 91208 2

Program Number 8:  “Speaking, Nonsense”
From “Indian Music of the Canadian Plains,” Cree War Song, Folkways FE 4464

Program Number 9:  “A Capella”
Meaningless Songs, The HeeBeeGeeBees, HeeBeeGeeBees TWITS 101

Program Number 10:  “Trio”
From “Opera Stars in a Silly Mood,” “Three Little Maids from School”, Joan Sutherland, Dinah Shore & Ella Fitzgerald, Legendary Recordings LR 200
HOFMEISTER:  “The Hen, The Cuckoo, The Donkey”, The London Serpent Trio, Titanic TI 100

Program Number 11:  “Say It and Play It”

Program Number 12:  “Harp, Scales”
From “The Sound of Japanese Music,” “Kazoe Uta”, Fumio Matsumoto & Music Makers, KING SKK 309

Program Number 13:  “Singing in the Cracks, Song Sayer”
MOZART:  From “The Magic Flute,” “Queen of the Night” Aria, Florence Foster Jenkins, RCA LM 2597

Program Number 14:  “Patter/Melismatic”
RUDGE/DICKS:  “Right, Said Fred”, Bernard Cribbins, EMI/One-Up 0U 2079

Program Number 15:  “Musical Criticism”

Program Number 16:  “Animals”
From “Chants et Danses Pygmees,” “Appels de chasse”, Le Chant du Monde LDY 4176
From “I’m On My Journey Home,” Ringing the Pig, Lindy Clear, New World Records NW 223

Program Number 17:  “Parallel #1”
“Awu Mungoya”, Gogo Tribe, “Music of Africa Series, No. 11”, Decca LF 1225

Program Number 18:  “Jazz Arrangements of Classical Music”
YOUMANS arr. SHOSTAKOVICH:  “Tahiti Trot,” or “Tea for Two”, Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra/Rozhdestvensky, Vox Cum Laude VCL 9035

Program Number 19:  “Parallel #2”

Program Number 20:  “Baroque Beatles Book/Welcome to the Jungle”
From “Musical Clocks,” “La donna e mobile”, Candide CE 31093

Program Number 21:  “Singing Instrumental Music/Up a 3rd, Down a 5th”

Program Number 22:  “Arrangement or Adaptation?”
From “Steel Band Music of the Caribbean,” “Calypso-Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”, Legacy International CD 307

Program Number 23:  “Concerto Grosso”
From “The Sound of Japanese Music,” “Where Are You From?”, Fumio Matsumoto & Music Makers, KING SKK 309
VON TILZER/BROWN:  “Oh By Jingo!”, Billy May & His Orchestra, “Sorta-Dixie”, Capitol T677

Program Number 24:  “Parental”

Program Number 25:  “Birthday”
MUIR/NORDEN/GOODWIN:  “Balham - Gateway to the South”, Peter Sellers, EMI/One-Up UO 2079

Program Number 26:  “Lullabies”
SCHICKELE:  “Tyrannosaurus Rex”, Peter Schickele, “American Children”, Alacazam ALA 1002

Program Number 27:  “Death”
P. D. Q. BACH:  From Cantata: Iphigenia in Brooklyn, An Evening with P. D. Q. Bach, Vanguard VBD 79195

Program Number 28:  “Bass/Bass Lines”

Program Number 29:  “Heaven/Nutcracker”

Program Number 30:  “Christmas Presence”
TRAD. arr. FOX:  “In Dulci Jubilo”, Virgil Fox, “The Christmas Album”, Bainbridge BCD 2505

Program Number 31:  “What Happens Between the Notes”
The New Jazz (One), Digital Underground, “Sex Packets”, Tommy Boy TBCO 1028
LENNON/McCARTNEY:  “Her Majesty”, The Beatles, “Abbey Road”, Parlophone CDP 7 46446 2
SCHOENBERG:  “Pierrot Lunaire,” Opus 21, “Galgenlied”, Jan DeGaetani, voice/The Contemporary Chamber Ensemble/Weisberg, Nonesuch 9 79237 2
Marianne, Marilyn Horne, Legendary Recordings LR 200
Utter Chaos #1, Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Chet Baker, Mosaic MD3 102

Program Number 32:  “Belly Up to The Bar”
MOZART:  From “The Abduction from the Seraglio,” “Wer ein Liebchen hat gefunden”, Matti Salminen/Mozart-Orchester des Opernhauses Zurich/ Harnoncourt, Teldec 8 35673 ZB
FISCHER:  “Drinking”, Malcolm McEachern, Club "99" CL 99 102

Program Number 33:  “A Musical Aviary”

Program Number 34:  “The Bach of Gibraltar”
ARTHURS (ASCAP):  “Potato Song/Bach Prelude”, Dan Arthurs, “Your Stinky Pinky”, Spork Music SPK 119

Program Number 35:  “And I Quote …”
After STRAUSS:  “2001”, Jeff Ehrhart, Personal Collection
HAYDN:  From Symphony No. 94 in G, 2nd Mvt., The Hanover Band/Goodman, Nimbus NI 5126
HAYDN:  “The Seasons,” Spring, Air: “Schon eilet froh der Ackersmann”, Robert Holl/Berlin Symphony/ Harnoncourt, Teldec 8 35741

Program Number 36:  “Ma & Pa Kettle Drum”
CAHN/STYNE:  “It’s Magic”, Jonathan & Darlene Edwards, “The Piano Artistry of Jonathan Edwards”, CL 1024

Program Number 37:  “The Big Chill-Out”
IVES:  “The Unanswered Question”, Orchestra of St. Luke's/Adams, Elektra Nonesuch 979249 2

Program Number 38:  “About Bells”
SCHICKELE:  “Round-Up,” “Ding, Dong”, "Schickele Mix" recording

Program Number 39:  “The Devil To Pay”
AXTON:  “Heartbreak Hotel” (in Japanese), Unknown, Personal collection

Program Number 40:  “Varieties of Organic Experience”
P. D. Q. BACH:  Fugue in C Minor (from the “Toot Suite for calliope four hands”), Emmanuel Pedal, Vanguard VBD 79268

Program Number 41:  “Growing Up Binary”

Program Number 42:  “Dominant Characteristics”
RUSSELL/MEDLEY:  “Twist and Shout”, Mae West, Rhino R2 70187

Program Number 43:  “Humor Me”

Program Number 44:  “Leave the Meter Running”

Program Number 45:  “There’s a Composer In All of Us”
PARTON/OWENS (BMI):  “Girl Left Alone”, Dolly Parton (at age 13), Goldband LP 7770

Program Number 46:  “Woe Is Me”
ROBISON:  “Life Gits Teejus Don’t It”, Carson Robison, “Million Dollar Vaudeville Show”, Lion L70089

Program Number 47:  “You Are, and You Sing About, What You Eat”
MACY:  “Jenks’s Vegetable Compound”, The King's Singers, “Victorian Collection”, MMG 1117
LOVETT (ASCAP):  “Church”, Lyle Lovett, “Joshua Judges Ruth”, MCA/Curb MCAD 10475

Program Number 48:  “Tracks of Blood”
MARSCHNER/HART:  From “The Vampyr,” “Blood, my life is in their blood”, Omar Ebrahim/BBC Philharmonic/Parry, Virgin Classics ZDC 7 59294 2 3

Program Number 49:  “Imitation Is the Sincerest Form”
BEETHOVEN:  “An Malzel”, Vienna Akademie Kammerchor/ Mayer, “The Comic Beethoven”, Seraphim S 1 60180
BEETHOVEN:  Symphony No. 8, 2nd Mvt., Berlin Philharmonic/Karajan, Deutsche Grammophon 429 036 2

Program Number 50:  “A Pair of Chords That Will Last”
STRAVINSKY (arr.):  “Le Chant des Bateliers de la Volga”, L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande/Ansermet, Claves CD 50 8918

Program Number 51:  “Splitting the Octave”

Program Number 52:  “The Fugal Gourmet”
P. D. Q. BACH:  “Knock, Knock,” Recitative & chorus: “So this guy”, The Greater Hoople Area Off-Season Philharmonic & The Okay Chorale/Schickele, “Oedipus Tex”, Telarc CD 80239

Program Number 53:  “Fugues: Can’t Live With ’Em, Can’t Live Without ’Em”
TEMPLETON arr. BRAND:  “Bach Goes to Town”, Benny Goodman & His Orchestra, “Swing, Swing, Swing”, RCA Camden CAS 624

Program Number 54:  “What You Please”
BEETHOVEN/ROSSINI arr. BRUNELLE/KEILLOR:  “Beethoven Chased by Rossini”, Garrison Keillor/Frederica von Stade, “Songs of the Cat”, High Bridge HBP 17399

Program Number 55:  “Is There a Fugue in Your Future?”
TOCH:  Geographical Fugue, Camerata of Los Angeles Chorus/Mitzelfelt, Crystal S502

Program Number 56:  “Varieties of Variation”

Program Number 57:  “Hold That Melody!”

Program Number 58:  “Hold That Harmony!”
ANON.:  “Yankee Doodle”, William Grant Nabore, Doron DRC 3001

Program Number 59:  “Bass-Based Variations”
PROFESSOR PETER SCHICKELE:  From Quodlibet for Small Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra/Mester, “An Evening with P. D. Q. Bach”, Everyman VBD 79195
J. S. BACH:  Passacaglia & Fugue (BWV 582), Passacaglia, Lionel Rogg, Harmonia Mundi HMX 290777

Program Number 60:  “Weathering the Storm”
COLOMBO:  From the Serial “The Fighting Devil Dogs,” “Storm and Falling Trees”, The CinemaSound Orchestra/King, Cinedisc CDC 1020

Program Number 61:  “H2O Above and Below”
ROWAN (BMI):  “Rainmaker”, The Solstace Assembly, “Under the Drawbridge”, SKYLARK SKY 1206
ROGERS:  “She’s All Wet Now”, Roy Rogers, Columbia FC 38907

Program Number 62:  “True or Falsetto”

Program Number 63:  “Pipes & All”
P. D. Q. BACH:  From “Pervertimento for Bagpipes, Bicycle & Balloons”, Maurice Eisenstadt, bagpipes/Robert Lewis, balloons/Peter Schickele, bicycle/The Royal P. D. Q. Bach Festival Orchestra/Mester, Vanguard VMD 79223

Program Number 64:  “Taking the Fifth”
RODGERS/HART:  “Blue Moon”, Bob Dylan, “Self Portrait”, Columbia C2X 30050

Program Number 65:  “License or Larceny?”

Program Number 66:  “Say It and Sing It”
JABOBS/KELLY:  “I’m a Woman”, Gilda Radner, “Greatest Hits of the National Lampoon”, Visa 7008

Program Number 67:  “Instrumental Exotica”
OFFENBACH arr. JONES:  “Morpheus”, Spike Jones, “Spike Jones is Murdering the Classics”, RCA 3235 2 R

Program Number 68:  “What IS that Instrument”
Ten Cent Piece, Reaves White County Ramblers, “Echoes of the Ozarks”, County 519

Program Number 69:  “For He Heard the Loud Bassoon”
P. D. Q. BACH:  “Lip My Reeds” (S. 32’), Tennessee Bassoon Quartet, “Music for an Awful Lot of Winds & Percussion”, Telarc CD 80307

Program Number 70:  “Au Contraire, Mon Frère!”
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS (ASCAP):  “Fingertips”, They Might Be Giants, “Apollo 18”, Elektra 9 61257 2

Program Number 71:  “Back to Basics”
LENNON/McCARTNEY (BMI):  From “Hello, Goodbye”, The Beatles, “20 Greatest Hits”, Capitol SV 12245

Program Number 72:  “Hold That Note!”
EATON:  Bourree, Nigel Eaton & Friends, “The Music of the Hurdy-Gurdy”, Saydisc CD SDL 374

Program Number 73:  “Mutes and Mutability”

Program Number 74:  “A Many-Splendored String”
GENTET:  “Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass & Bass”, L'Orchestre de Contrebasses, Musica Guild MG 002 08623 2
PINKART/TAUBER/TRACEY:  “Them There Eyes”, Stephane Grappelli, “85 & Still Swinging ...”, Angel CDC 0777 7 54918 2 1

Program Number 75:  “Schickele Mix: The Movie”

Program Number 76:  “Do I Hear the Waltz? Well, Do I?”
McLAREN (BMI):  “Shall We Dance”, Pretty Fatt/Malcolm McLaren & the Bootzilla Orchesta, “Waltz Darling”, Epic OE 45247

Program Number 77:  “Beyond the Blue Danube”
LEHRER (ASCAP):  “The Wiener Schnitzel Waltz”, Tom Lehrer, “Revisited”, Reprise 9 26203 2

Program Number 78:  “Let’s Get This Thing Over With!”
P. D. Q. BACH:  From the Oratorio, “The Seasonings,” Chorale: “By the leeks of Babylon/There we sat down, yea, we wept”, The Okay Chorale//Mester, Vanguard VBD 79223

Program Number 79:  “Great Endings I Have Known”
HAYDN:  From Symphony No. 45 in F Sharp minor (“Farewell”), 4th Mvt., Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra/Fischer, Nimbus NI 5179

Program Number 80:  “A Fargo Christmas”
SHOSTAKOVICH:  From “King Lear,” “10 Fool’s Songs”, Stanislaw Suleimanow/ Rundfunk Symphonie Orchester Berlin/Jurowski, Capriccio 10 397
TRAD.:  “Jingle Bells”, The Kaminsky International Kazoo Quartet, “Kazoophony”, Aquitane MS 90503

Program Number 81:  “Why are Conductors Paid?”

Program Number 82:  “Words Fail Me”

Program Number 83:  “Clarinet Marmalade”

Program Number 84:  “Clarinet Plus”

Program Number 85:  “What it Takes Two to”
SLICK:  “White Rabbit”, The Tango Project, “White Rabbit”, NewPort Classic NPD 85536

Program Number 86:  “Pendulum in White Tie & Tails”
HAYDN:  From Symphony No. 104, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Beecham, “Sir Thomas Beecham in Rehearsal”, EMI/World Records SH 147

Program Number 87:  “First Things First”
SCHICKELE:  “The Shiek of Palamazoo”, Personal collection

Program Number 88:  “Ah, Youth!”
SCHICKELE:  From Horn Quartet, Personal collection

Program Number 89:  “Masculine/Feminine”

Program Number 90:  “Cherchez la Femme”
GERSHWIN/HEYWARD:  “Summertime”, Bill Clinton, tenor saxophone/Stepan Markovic, tenor saxophone/Jan Konopasek, baritone saxophone/Unidentified, flugelhorn/Stanislav Macha, piano/Robert Balcar, bass/Pavel Zboril, drums, Pres 001

Program Number 91:  “You Can’t Pin That On Me!”

Program Number 92:  “Climactic Conditions”

Program Number 93:  “Transitory Pleasures”

Program Number 94:  “There’s Nothing Between Us – We’re Just Good Friends”

Program Number 95:  “Prodigious Talents”

Program Number 96:  “He Hasn’t Been the Same Since”

Program Number 97:  “Under the Influence”

Program Number 98:  “I’ve Got a Right to Be Influenced by the Blues”
WOODBURY (BMI):  “The Oranges”, Brian Woodbury & His Popular Music Group, Fang FA 013
DANIELE:  “Un uomo in blues”, Pino Daniele, “Un uomo in blues”, CGD 9031 73310 2

Program Number 99:  “All That Jazz: The Early Years”
SHOSTAKOVICH:  Jazz Suite No. 2, March, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra/Chailly, London 433 702 2
JOPLIN/CHAUVIN:  “Heliotrope Bouquet”, The Southland Stingers, “Elite Syncopations”, Angel CDC 7 47193 2

Program Number 100:  “Good Enough for Jazz”
Kagome Kagome, Fumio Matsumoto & Music-Makers, “The Sound of Japanese Music”, King SKK 309 (LP)

Program Number 101:  “Green Dolphin is a Two-Way Street, But It’s Got a Median Strip”

Program Number 102:  “Things Fall Apart”
PARKER:  “Au Privave”, New York Tuba Quartet, “Tubby’s Revenge”, Crystal S221 (LP)

Program Number 103:  “Background Information”
LENNON/McCARTNEY:  “Blackbird”, Bobby McFerrin, “The Voice”, Elektra 60366 1 E (LP)

Program Number 104:  “‘And How Would You Like that Prepared Sir?’ ‘Harmonically, Please.’”
RAM (Panther Music):  “The Great Pretender”, Stan Freberg, “Stan Freberg Collectors Series”, Capitol CDP 7 91627 2

Program Number 105:  “Boom Chick & Beyond”
DUMITRU:  Romanian Dance No. 2, Roger Bobo, “Tuba Libera”, Crystal CD690

Program Number 106:  “‘And How Would You Like that Prepared Sir?’ ‘Rhythmically, Please.’”

Program Number 107:  “Folk Music, Schmolk Music!”

Program Number 108:  “The Whole Picture Includes the Frame”
TRAD.:  “Der Schwarzbraune Zimmergesell”, Rainer Schickele, Peter's father, Private recording

Program Number 109:  “If It’s a Folk Song, It Isn’t Stealing”
SHOSTAKOVICH:  From “King Lear,” Incidental Music, Stanislaw Suleimanow/Rundfunk Symphonie Orchester Berlin/Jurowski, Capriccio 10 397

Program Number 110:  “Exoticism Begins at Home”
ORTEGA:  “The Handshake”, A. Paul Ortega, “Native American Traditions”, Smithsonian SF 40408

Program Number 111:  “Leave the Playing to Us”

Program Number 112:  “Revenge of the Nerdy Instruments”
Distant Whale, Songs of the Humpback Whale, CRM SWR II (LP)

Program Number 113:  “We Never Make Misteaks”
PUCCINI:  From “La Boheme”, Unknown, Personal collection

Program Number 114:  “If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Again”
STEWART:  “Take Her in Your Arms”, Andy M. Stewart & Manus Lunny, “The Celts Rise Again”, Green Linnet GLCD 104

Program Number 115:  “And Now for Something Not Really So Very Different At All”

Program Number 116:  “Five Finger Exercises”

Program Number 117:  “Gin & Pentatonic”
ORFF:  From Music for Children, Instrumental ensemble directed by Carl Orff, Angel 3582 B (LP)

Program Number 118:  “Vox Omnia”
BROWN:  “I Got You” (“I Feel Good”), Barnyard Beat, Kid Rhino R2 71989
Vologodskie chastushki ‘pod yazik’, Pan Glossary #1, Pan 2000A CD

Program Number 119:  “I Sing the Body Eclectic”

Program Number 120:  “The Ties that Bind”
CLAR/COLEMAN:  “Un Poquito De Tu Amor”, Desi Arnaz & His Latinos, “Mambo Mania”, Rhino RC 71881
J. S. BACH:  From Keyboard Concerto in D minor (BWV 1052), 1st Mvt., Andrei Gavrilov/Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields/Marriner, EMI CDD 7 64055 2

Program Number 121:  “That Wierd & Intoxicating Effect”
SCHICKELE after BRAHMS:  “Hamburg Nights”, Peter Schickele, "Schickele Mix" recording

Program Number 122:  “The Count Is 3 & 2”

Program Number 123:  “Keeping Christmas”
KUHN:  “Who Say There Ain’t No Santa Claus”, Ron Holden & The Thunderbirds, “Bummed Out Christmas”, Rhino R2 70912

Program Number 124:  “Quintessential Music”
MOONDOG:  Cuplet, Moondog, “Moondog”, CBS MK 44994
MOONDOG:  Madrigals: Rounds & Canons, “Be a Hobo”, Anonymous 3, "Schickele Mix" recording

Program Number 125:  “My, That’s an Odd Meter!”

Program Number 126:  “Loud & Portable”

Program Number 127:  “The Harmonie Ensemble: Life of the Party or Music Molester?”

Program Number 128:  “Sonic Boomerangs”

Program Number 129:  “Opposition is True Friendship”
LEE/KRETZMER:  “Bangers & Mash”, Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren, “A Celebration of Sellers”, EMI 7243 8 27784 2

Program Number 130:  “The Reverbing of America”
LENNON/McCARTNEY:  “Help!”, Peter Sellers, “A Celebration of Sellers”, EMI 7243 8 27784 2

Program Number 131:  “First Among Equals, and Don’t You Forget It, Buster”
LEOPOLD MOZART:  Concerto for Hosepipe & Strings, 3rd Mvt., Francis Baines/Hoffnung Festival, Hamonia Mundi HMC 90768

Program Number 132:  “If You’ve Got It, Baby, Flaunt It!”

Program Number 133:  “SFX 1138”

Program Number 134:  “No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Program”
MUSSORGSKY:  “Night on Bald Mountain”, Classical Nature, Northsound NSCD 22042

Program Number 135:  “Clothes Encounters”
GETZ/PLEASURE:  Diaper Pin, King Pleasure, “Moody’s Mood for Love”, Blue Note CDP 7 84463 2

Program Number 136:  “All or Nothing”
BARBER:  “A Hand of Bridge”, The Gregg Smith Singers/ Adirondack Chamber Orchestra/Smith, Premier PRCD 1009

Program Number 137:  “Marcia Exotica”

Program Number 138:  “From the Marching Field to the Concert Hall in Two Quick & Easy Steps”
IVES:  “They Are There!”, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra & Chorus/Zinman, Argo 444 860 2
IVES:  “They Are There!”, Charles Ives, “Charles Ives: The 100th Anniversary”, Columbia M4 32504 (LP)
P. D. Q. BACH:  Minuet Militaire (S. 1A), The Greater Hoople Area Off-Season Philharmonic/Walter Bruno, “1712 Overture & Other Musical Assaults”, Telarc CD 80210

Program Number 139:  “Symphonic March Music: All the Fun and None of the Responsibility”

Program Number 140:  “Bang the Drum Slowly”

Program Number 141:  “Marches Are Your Friends”

Program Number 142:  “What You See Is Not What You Get” — a program about transposition

Program Number 143:  “Pick-Up Shticks” — a program about pick-up notes
ROBERT FROST and ADLER/ROSS:  “Stopping By Woods On a Snowy Evening” set to “Hernando’s Hideaway”, George Wright, Boston Skyline BSD 122

Program Number 144:  “When Mr. Wrong Is Mr. Right: Part 1” — a program about whem musically incorrect is artistically right on
after GOUNOD:  “’Faust’ In English,” “Salut, Demeure”, Thomas Burns, “The Glory of the Human Voice”, RCA LM2 597 (LP)

Program Number 145:  “When Mr. Wrong Is Mr. Right: Part 2” — a second program about when musically incorrect is artistically right on

Program Number 146:  “Mondo Glissando” — a program about musical sliding around
P. D. Q. BACH:  “Traumarai for Unaccompanied Piano”, P. D. Q. Bach On the Air, Vangaurd VBD 79268

Program Number 147:  “ppff: The Dynamic Art of Music” — a program about piano and forte

Program Number 148:  “Hairpins for Really Big Hair” — a program about long crescendos and decrescendos
P. D. Q. BACH:  Concerto for Two Pianos vs. Orchestra (S. 2 are better than one), Andante alighieri, Prof. Peter Schickele & Jon Kimura Parker/New York Pick-Up Ensemble/Mester, Telarc CD 80376

Program Number 149:  “Wallflowers of the Woodwind Family” — a program about woodwinds “that don’t get no respect”

Program Number 150:  “Polka Party at Pete’s Place”
P. D. Q. BACH:  From Liebeslieder Polkas, No. 2 & 3, Swarthmore College Chorus/David Oei & Anne Epperson, piano, “Liebeslieder Polkas”, Vangaurd VMD 79438

Program Number 151:  “For Prague, With Love” — a program about one of Mozart’s most beautiful pieces

Program Number 152:  “Flea to Bee, You and Me” — A program about … er, bugs
BEETHOVEN arr. SHOSTAKOVICH:  “The Flea”, Yvgeny Nestorenko/Ensemble conducted by Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Vox Cum Laude VCL 9035

Program Number 153:  “Yuck!” — More about … er, bugs

Program Number 154:  “Your Standard B-Flat Bugs” — Even more about … er, bugs

Program Number 155:  “Under the Weather”

Program Number 156:  “Forth & Back”

Program Number 157:  “The Gospel Accordion to Pete”
PISANO:  “So What’s New”, Milton DeLugg, “Legends of Accordion”, Rhino R2 71847

Program Number 158:  “Beer Drinker at a Cocktail Party”
STRAVINSKY:  Tango, Soulima Stravinsky, Centaur CRC 2188
STRAVINSKY:  Tango, Stefan Hussong, Thorofon CTH 2184

Program Number 159:  “Accordion Hits the Big Time!”
STRAVINSKY:  From “The Soldier’s Tale”, Scottish Chamber Orchestra/Friend, Nimbus NI5063
STRAVINSKY:  From “The Soldier’s Tale,” The Devil’s Dance, Excelsior, “Declassified”, Mark Set Go MSG 101

Program Number 160:  “Day of Wrath, Day of Yuckyness”
MIZZY:  “The Addams Family”, Vic Mizzy, “Elvira Presents Haunted Hits”, Rhino R2 71492
MIZZY:  “The Addams Family”, Joey Gaynor, “Elvira Presents Monster Hits”, Rhino R2 71778

Program Number 161:  “Every Witch Way”
PRAETORIUS:  From “Terpsichore,” La Bouree, The Collegium Terpsichore/Neumeyer, “Dance Music of the High Renaissance”, Boston Skyline BSD 118
ARLEN/YARBERG:  “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead” Demo, The Fifth Estate, “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Back!: The Fifth Estate, 1964-1969”, Boston Skyline BSD 116

Program Number 162:  “The End of the World is Nigh”
SCHICKELE:  “My Joy, It Knows No Bounds”, Peter Schickele, "Schickele Mix" recording

Program Number 163:  “Santa’s Mixed Bag”

Program Number 164:  “Schickele Mix Sports Radio”
PAINE:  Fuge Giocosa, Malcolm Frager, “Edward MacDowell & Company”, New World 80206 2

Program Number 165:  “Ostinati Obbligati” — The first of three programs about minimalism
BEETHOVEN:  From String Quartet in F, Opus 135, 2nd Mvt., Emerson String Quartet, Deutsche Grammophon 447 080 2

Program Number 166:  “P G & I” — The second of three programs about minimalism — this one about Philip Glass

Program Number 167:  “Close Encounters of the Canonic Kind” — The third of three programs about minimalism

Program Number 168:  “Pastorale, and How It Grew”

Program Number 169:  “Playing by the Rules”

Listener Support Special #1:  A program about programmatic music — music which tells a story or paints a picture
MEYTUSS:  “Dnieprostrot (Dnieper Water Power Station)”, Folkways FX 6080

Listener Support Special #2:  A program which toys with the relationship between music and money
From “Beyond the Fringe,” “The Sadder and Wiser Beaver”, Peter Cook & Alan Bennett, Capitol CDP 7 92055 2

Listener Support Special #3:  “Old Wine in New Aluminum Cans”
ARLEN:  “Ding, Dong the Witch Is Dead”, The Fifth Estate, Virgo VO 6004 (45 rpm)
PRAETORIUS:  From Six Dances, La Bouree, Collegium Terpsichore, Archiv 198166

Listener Support Special #4:  “A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread, and Thou”

Listener Support Special #5:  “My Night at the Karaoke Bar”

Listener Support Special #6:  “The ‘Schickele Mix Home Delivery’ Service”
“Kazoe Uta”, Fumio Matsumoto & Music Makers, “The Sound of Japanese Music”, King SKK 309 (LP)
McLAREN (BMI):  “Shall We Dance”, Pretty Fatt/Malcolm McLaren & the Bootzilla Orchesta, “Waltz Darling”, Epic OE 45247 (LP)
WILLS/STRAUSS:  “San Antonio Rose” & “Also Sprach Zarathustra”, Snuff Garrett's Texas Opera Company, Ranwood R 8173 (LP)

Listener Support Special #7:  “You Heard Me!”

Listener Support Special #8:  “What’s THAT Got to Do With It?”

Listener Support Special #9:  “Guests in the Studio”

Listener Support Special #10:  “Classical Music: Say What?”

Listener Support Special #11:  “The Best of Schickele Mix, Part One”
SCHICKELE:  “My Joy, It Knows No Bounds”, Peter Schickele, "Schickele Mix" recording

Listener Support Special #12:  “The Best of Schickele Mix, Part Two”
ROBERT FROST and ADLER/ROSS:  “Stopping By Woods On a Snowy Evening” set to “Hernando’s Hideaway”, George Wright, Boston Skyline BSD 122

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