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HINDEMITH:  Sonata for Harp, 1st Mvt., Isabelle Moretti, Harmonia Mundi 90 5184
from Program Number 12:  “Harp, Scales”

HINDEMITH:  “Ludus Tonalis,” Fugue No. 2 in G, Kabi Laretei, Philips PHS900 096
from Program Number 55:  “Is There a Fugue in Your Future?”

HINDEMITH:  From Symphonische Metamorphosen nach Themen von Carl Maria von Weber, 2nd Mvt., Israel Philharmonic Orchestra/Bernstein, Deutsche Grammophon 429 404 2
from Program Number 55:  “Is There a Fugue in Your Future?”

HINDEMITH:  From Theme with Four Variations for Piano & Orchestra (“The Four Temperaments”), Theme, Hans Otte, piano/Berlin Philharmonic/Hindemith, Deutsche Grammophon 427 407 2
from Program Number 57:  “Hold That Melody!”

HINDEMITH:  From Theme with Four Variations for Piano & Orchestra (“The Four Temperaments”), Melancholic, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, Leon Fleisher, piano/The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra/Goldberg, Epic LC 3356
from Program Number 57:  “Hold That Melody!”

HINDEMITH:  “Nobilissima Visione,” “Passacaglia”, Philharmonia Orchestra/Klemperer, EMI CMS 7 63835 2
from Program Number 59:  “Bass-Based Variations”

HINDEMITH:  “Pastores loquebantur”, Christiane Baumann, soprano/Michael Baumann, piano, Christophorus CD 74546
from Program Number 80:  “A Fargo Christmas”

HINDEMITH:  Symphonic Metamorphoses on a Theme of Carl Maria von Weber, The Philharmonia/Jarvi, Chandos CHAN 8766
from Program Number 110:  “Exoticism Begins at Home”

HINDEMITH:  Suite for a Mechanical Organ, 1st & 2nd Mvts., Koch 3 1202 2 H1
from Program Number 112:  “Revenge of the Nerdy Instruments”

HINDEMITH:  Ludas Tonalis, Fuga II in G, Edward Aldwell, ProPiano PPR224508
from Program Number 124:  “Quintessential Music”

HINDEMITH:  Sonata für English Horn und Klavier, 3rd & 4th Mvts., Carolyn Hove, English horn/Gloria Cheng, piano, Crystal CD326
from Program Number 149:  “Wallflowers of the Woodwind Family” — a program about woodwinds “that don’t get no respect”

HINDEMITH:  From Ludas tonalis, Siegfried Mauser, Wergo WER 6250 2
from Program Number 156:  “Forth & Back”

HINDEMITH:  “Hin und Zurück,” Opus 45a, New York Chamber Ensemble, Albany TROY173
from Program Number 156:  “Forth & Back”

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