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CARTER:  Eight Pieces for Four Timpani, Moto Perpetuo, Morris Lang, Columbia Y 34137
from Program Number 36:  “Ma & Pa Kettle Drum”

CARTER:  From Brass Quintet (1974), The American Brass Quintet, Columbia Y 34137
from Program Number 44:  “Leave the Meter Running”

CARTER:  Canon for Three, Gerard Schwarz/Louis Ranger/Stanley Rosenzweig, Phoenix PHCD 115
from Program Number 73:  “Mutes and Mutability”

CARTER:  From “Shufflebug Shuffle”, Benny Carter & His Orchestra, “Big Band Jazz, Volume III”, Smithsonian RD 030 3
from Program Number 78:  “Let’s Get This Thing Over With!”

CARTER:  “Shufflebug Shuffle”, Benny Carter and His Orchestra, “Big Band Jazz Vol. 3”, Smithsonian RD 030 3
from Program Number 147:  “ppff: The Dynamic Art of Music” — a program about piano and forte

BARNES/CLAUDE-OLIVER/CARTER/HAMILTON/O'NEAL:  “No Love Lost”, Shaquille O'Neal, “You Can’t Stop the Reign”, T.W. lsM INTD 90087
from Program Number 164:  “Schickele Mix Sports Radio”

CARTER/KILGORE (BMI):  “Ring of Fire”, The Bobs, “Sing the Songs of ...”, Kaleidoscope K 48
from Listener Support Special #5:  “My Night at the Karaoke Bar”

7 selections found.

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