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O Love is Teasin’, Jean Ritchie, Elektra/Stratford EKLP 2
from Program Number 1:  “Up and About/Steady/Octave”

Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah, Jean Ritchie, Riverside RLP 12 620
from Program Number 7:  “1 Line, 2 Line, 3 Line”

Hush Little Baby, Jean Ritchie, Elektra EKLP 2
from Program Number 26:  “Lullabies”

TRAD.:  “Christ Chuch Bells”, Jean Ritchie, “Kentucky Christmas”, Greenhays GR70717
from Program Number 30:  “Christmas Presence”

TRAD.:  “The Little Devils”, Jean Ritchie, Elektra EKLP 2
from Program Number 39:  “The Devil To Pay”

RITCHIE (ASCAP):  “Black Waters”, Jean Ritchie, “None But One”, Greenhays GR 70708
from Program Number 46:  “Woe Is Me”

TRAD.:  “Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow”, Jean Ritchie, “Sweet Rivers”, June Appal Recordings JA 037
from Program Number 51:  “Splitting the Octave”

RITCHIE:  “Wintergrace”, Jean Ritchie, “Kentucky Christmas”, Greenhays GR70717
from Program Number 80:  “A Fargo Christmas”

TRAD.:  “Black is the Color”, Jean Ritchie, “Singing the Traditional Songs of Her Kentucky Mountain Family”, Elektra EKLP 2
from Program Number 97:  “Under the Influence”

TRAD.:  “Old George’s Square”, Jean Ritchie, “High Hills & Mountains”, Greenhays GR70708
from Program Number 116:  “Five Finger Exercises”

10 selections found.

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